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  • New Race Locations!

    Hey, Runners!

    With the latest update of the game, we brought 21 new locations to race in. In case you were wondering where they are, here's a list:

    Mirky Woods:
    Green Mountain
    Molly Springs

    Beginia Station:
    Death Express (Can only be found in Explore mode...easter egg time!)

    Dream Station:
    Slippery Spikes
    Under Over
    Slippy Bounce

    Slippery Slopes:
    Slick Slip
    Booming Ice
    Slippy Chasm

    Lucid Mountain:
    Fizzy Graves
    Statue Steps

    Daydream Gardens:
    Jelly Springer
    Jelly Belly

    Jelly Good
    Jelly Up
    Jello Jump

    Gaping Gil
    Pressure Falls

    Lifty Blades
    Rapid Shoot

    Even more MADNESS!

    - Jonathan

  • New ReRunners Animated Trailer!

    Hey, Runners!

    We have release a new animated trailer for ReRunners! And...it looks so freakin' awesome.

    It's a step futher into what the ReRunners world would look like... if it was in 3D!

    Take a look...give it a thumbs up...share with your friends!

  • Challenge Dev Jonathan - Join the Mobcrush Stream - Win Goodies!!

    Hey, Runners!

    Do you want to win an exclusive Mobcrush T-Shirt and 10 Gems?

    Send a challenge to me, Dev Jonathan, from now until Thursday 22nd September and if you beat me, you'll be rewarded!

    I'll be playing & streaming the races at 1PM EDT / 10AM PDT / 5PM GMT on Mobcrush, from Friday to Thursday.

    Be sure to tune in -> mobcrush.com/KlangGames

    Fair Play Challenges Only!!! Challenges that aren't Fair Play will be rejected!

    Also, you can only challenge me once!

    Looking forward for challenging you all!

    - Jonathan

  • New ReRunners Update: 1.10 is here!

    Hey, Runners!

    I have great news; ReRunners 1.10 is out now! I'd like to thank you all for your support and ideas that you have sent to us since the previous update - we really couldn't do this without you!

    So, before I get too emotional, here's a list of the latest features and fixes:

    1 Vs. 1 Challenges Are Here!
    - You can challenge your Buddies and Facebook friends to a Race - You can bet against them and reap the rewards!
    - Race against random players by tapping the Quick Challenge button; within a few seconds, you'll be matched up with a player. These races are more brutal, as you could be matched up with a Runner with better Skills than you, or a weaker Runner and you can DOMINATE the race.

    ReplayKit Livestreaming - Exclusive to iOS 10 Only

    - Now, you can stream to Mobcrush and other streaming sites with the click of a button!
    - I'll be uploading a video of how to use ReplayKit soon.

    21 New Locations to Race in!
    - New and improved locations; crazier than ever before!

    Free Rewards with Friend Invites!
    - Invite your friends to play ReRunners with a referral code and you'll both earn Gems! Up to 100 for free!!

    Battery Saver Mode
    - You can now toggle on Battery Saver Mode which will reduce the amount of juice you use!

    Missing Hidden Stars are Back!
    - Those pesky, mysteriously missing Stars are back. You can now collect them!

    Levels That Wouldn't Load are Now Accessible!
    - In the previous release, there were a few Races that wouldn't load up. BUT, now they do!

    Price Reductions for Items / Clothing / Heads!
    - We've reduced the price for all Items / Clothing / Heads, meaning you can now look fly for cheaper!

    General Bug Fixing & Polish!

    Looking forward to Challenging you all!

    - Jonathan

  • Re: Special Announcements! Changes to Arena Races & Leaderboards!

    @ItsCrisWithNo_H - The next update is coming really soon! In the next week or two. The 1 vs. 1 Challenges are so much fun. You'll be able to challenge your Buddies and a Quick Challenge, where you get matched up with random players.

    @Kiddi - Yeah, unfortunately we just had to do this. It's been highly requested in the community, so we decided it was about time, especially with the new update coming soon.