Turn off the blue arrow

I would like to be to turn the little blue arrow off and on as I wish. It is helpful when I want to find my next race, but just plain annoying when I am running around trying to collect coins or find hidden stars.


  • Hey, Kazzidi,

    Thanks for your idea! It's a great one, too.

    Yeah, that beacon can be super annoying. We're working on it!

    - Jonathan
  • I like that beacon, especially when it LIES TO YOU!

    - Sir Greetings
    I'm here to help, old sport. Well, maybe...
  • Shut up, Greetings!
  • Sir Greetings. I started a new game on my S6 Edge+. Since I had already been through the tutorial, I didn't bother to follow you around at first. I ran the first race 5 times and could not get through the gate at all. Come to find out, I had to go back to the beginning and actually follow you. Go figure. I did try the "shake to report" feature because I was getting frustrated. I couldn't get it to work.
  • Hey, @kazzidi - We're redoing the whole tutorial system at the moment, which you'll be seeing soon. It'll be a lot more fluid, and less confusing.
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