Deleting a character?

Hey guys, I'm new, just downloaded and started the game yesterday. It's really awesome so far :smiley:

But, I accidentally pressed the accept button on the character creation screen before I even understood what screen I was on, so I'm stuck with this green haired zombie guy (who is awesome nonetheless, but wasn't my choice ;) ) so I tried deleting my character or making a new one but I can't find this option anywhere. How can I access account settings and/or delete a character? Oh one more thing, can I choose my character's name on creation too? Thanks!


  • Hey, @Spatulo!

    I can delete your character for you, so you'll be able to start over again. Just let me know the name of your currrent character...
  • Well, by now I've made some progress which makes restarting less appealing. Could you perhaps change the face for me without deleting it? My character's name is Teenial, it was some automatic name, and I'd like a happy monkey face if there is one. I suppose nothing can be done about the name?
    Thanks so much :smile:
  • Hey, @Spatulo,

    I can do both for you! Send me a DM with your preferred new name.

    As for the head, we don't have a monkey face as such. This is the closest thing:

    We do have dogs, cats, birds, and an elephant, though...
  • Nice, what a service! :smiley:

    I'll send you a dm! As for the face change, would it be too much to ask for a preview of the elephant?
  • Haha, thanks, man.

    Sure, here's how the elephants look:

    Let me know what you think!
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    Hey DEV Jonathan! Just wanted to know if you could delete my player too as the player that i have on my phone isn't what i want and i would like to make a new player of my own, please help me! And my player name is Ares Dreadsire btw thanks! :)
  • @AresDreadsire - Thanks for your message on Facebook. I hope you were able to start again?!
  • Hey, im not sure if anyone can help or reply but its worth a try.
    So ive come back to this game after ages and i want to restart to play again as i have no idea how to play, also i dont like carrying on after nit remembering what ive done. My point is i want to reset. Is this possible? Thanks.
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