Rerunners iOS Bugs (seen on iPhones 6 and 7+)

edited March 2017 in Bugs & Technical Issues
1) Winning two challenges in close succession with a win already has been computed to be twenty-two points (should be three)

2) Some teleport throws result in being locked in place until another qualified teleport throw lands (continuing to run and boost adds enormous velocity to the next thrown teleport)

3) Occasionally shields do not appear but are functional

4) Occasionally jetpacks are mounted to player at a wrong orientation

5) Occasionally arena matches are launched with no other players (guaranteed first, opponents receive no points [this has actually happened twice in one match before])

6) Main star race button does not take you to levels with stars missing reliably (not sure if it ever did)

7) Some medal metrics are not summed correctly (medals are awarded early with inflated counts)


  • For #1 "close succession" is a bit ambiguous. I raced and won two races approximately ten minutes apart from one another without claiming the first's prize. With one on the leaderboard I then accepted the two unclaimed prizes one after the other and looked again and it read twenty-two as my points.
  • I've determined that claiming of the prize has no affect on the scoring but it does appear that the leaderboard score is definitely not a summation of wins and if it is it is buggy.
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