Issues with iOS 10 Live Streaming

Hey, Runners!

We've received a bunch of feedback about live streaming ReRunners through iOS 10; thanks for all of your comments!

There is a known issue with live streaming on iOS 10. For ReRunners, you can stream via iPhone no problem, but the feature is not working correctly with an iPad. It's difficult to pinpoint what's causing this issue; I've personally tried live streaming via TowerDash, and I'm having issues, also.

The thing is, is that there are only eight games with this feature from the millions of games in the App Store. So, it's a very brand new feature that will have issues until it's perfected. This has never been done before...and nothing's perfect the first time around.

I know that some of you are frustrated by this...and it sucks! But, hey, that's software development for you!

We're still looking into this, and if we have any feedback, I'll let you all know.

Thanks for reading!
- Jonathan


  • yeah well... this usn`t an issue with the streaming but I am too lazy to search for another discusion. The issue is that I played with the calendar for some cookie clickers and when I entered the game I had negative bolts and the skills and free chest are soo gliched that it doesn`t even say a time... plz fix my account ;—;
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