New Game Mode Ideas

Hey, all!

Here's the place to discuss new game modes (courtesy of @pygathrix).

Do you have suggestions? Anything you'd like to see? Let us know!!


  • Thank you for this great game! Here are a few ideas.

    Practice Mode
    I mentioned this on Touch Arcade forums (rbates there). I think a practice mode which does not use bolts would give us more to do while waiting/grinding for bolts to recharge. It would also help prepare for the arenas. It could show your ghost so you can race against yourself and try to improve your time. If you do this please have invisible coins and items so we can practice using those.

    Daily Arena
    A mini arena with 3 random courses would help extend the life of the game for those who have completed all races and the monthly arena. You could give bonuses when we play every day.

    Challenge Friends
    There doesn't seem to be much interation between buddies. A way to challenge them to a race would be fun.

    Keep up the great work!

  • @DEV Jonathan i was talking about suggesting race track. hahaha but still. thanks for the mention. hmmm. game modes? how about a track that loops back to the start so that we'll have a lap mode racing.
  • @RFox "Maybe a Death Run mode, where every 8~16 seconds the last person is removed from the race?"

    I really like this idea!
  • @RFox Don't get the idea with a death run.. The first Runner will win either way. I'd love to see some sort of platforming! great idea! Perhaps you get powerups as you progress in the level, use bombs to blow up walls and mines to dig the ground?
  • @Kiddi In the Death Run mode, what if the guy who finishes was last some point in the race?
    Then maybe he/she would be eliminated.
    I always thought ReRunners was another good platformer because of the ability to glide and momentum.
    A platforming mode with item progression would be *ahem* neato burrito.
    Thanks for replying too!
  • A mode where whoever is in first has an automatic coin magnet. Emphasis on consistency.
  • What about a Survival mode , people will have to use bombs and mines to kill each other and have like maybe 3 lives. I think it should be interesting.
  • Love all of these ideas!

    Survival mode sounds great!
  • Maybe something like "tag" where you have a bomb strapped to you, and you have to touch someone else to transfer the bomb before you blow up, if you blow up then a new bomb spawns on someone else until the last Man standing.
  • @Broseidon awesome idea!
  • @Broseidon - Last Man Standing sounds like an awesome idea!
  • @Broseidon - Last Man Standing sounds like an awesome idea!

    Last man standing great idea, may be game starts with 3 laps and 5 (or 6) racers, every lap last player eliminates till last lap...
  • @RFox "Maybe a Death Run mode, where every 8~16 seconds the last person is removed from the race?"

    I really like this idea!

    I actually think this is a great idea too, and I really would really enjoy playing it in the game. Maybe make this a updated daily/weekly thing, so that there is new levels to play every day/week.
  • A Dance With Death
    A survival mode where you have a 5 second head start and have to outrun death (as an avatar in the game/level) who progressively becomes faster as time wears on. If he catches up to you, then you lose. High scores would be calculated based on who survives the longest and collects the most coins (the level would have to be looping).

    Target: King Klang
    At the start of a match, a person is randomly selected to become King Klang (has the avatar). It's essentially a game of tag in a limited size arena where King Klang avoids other players for as long as possible until he is caught. The avatar (King Klang) is then transferred to whomever tagged him (can assume the role multiple times in a match by tagging King Klang). All items would be usable. The scores would be totaled based on who stays King Klang the longest in a 3 minute (or however long) match.
  • I also feel that 1 month for the arena is a bit long. If you're able to make it to arena 1, by the time the arena resets, you can get back to arena 1 within 2 days, which makes for a very long wait time. It would be nice to have a shorter arena time with maybe less rewards from the chests.
  • @wharped:

    A Dance With Death - Love this idea. We have thrown around something similar here in the office...maybe with Zombies. Everyone loves a good zombie mode!

    Target: King Klang - This is super interesting too!

    RE: Arena times. I'll put this to the rest of the team!

    - Jonathan

  • hey @DEV Jonathan! love your announcement. dont you worry. i'll reach that Heaven's Arena in no time. just keeping in touch with you Klang guys. some appreciation for the team in the ocean of suggestions, requests and ideas would be nice once in a while. so, congrats for the new development. :smile:
  • @pygathrix - Thanks so much for your nice words!
  • edited November 2016
    Co-Op Adventure Runs
    Have a run where players need to work together. Perhaps hitting switches that need more than one player or making the goal to score higher then "enemy" npc. Similar to Team V Team runs. The teams total score would determine the winners.

    Boss Races
    A race where a deadly boss is following the runners. Think: "Escape the Kraken". Those who survive or don't get caught win treasure while those that get eaten don't. In reality this is more or less race against the clock but perhaps some added monster based traps?
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