Missing stars Galatinia/Retrovertigo

Well, I've been looking forever for the 2 final hidden stars in Galatinia and the final one in Retrovertigo, but apparently there are none. Are they just really well hidden or is there a bug not counting the stars (or not showing them in the world)? Also, as someone else pointed out, the current stars count in the main menu is different (241) from the one in my profile view (200).


  • @forestdisorder - Thanks for commenting. We're looking into this right now...!
  • I have the same problem, but on Evergreen Heights..
    I know I've found all three hidden stars at some point, I know the level pretty well since beta in its various forms. Anyways, now I can't get that last star filled for the level, cos it somehow only registered 2 found hidden stars, despite there being no more on the overworld.

    Also related: the daily challenge needs to be resettable, or X'ed away so the player can wait for new ones. In my case I now have two daily missions along to look for hidden stars, even though I know there's only one star left, on the wharf in the last level, which I've deliberately not gotten.

    See attached
  • @alternateash - Hey! We have the hidden stars issue fixed for the next update.

    Thanks for your comments re: daily missions, too!

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    Oops, reposted below..
  • Hey so I'm having the hidden stars problem again.. I'm getting the daily challenge for finding one more, even though I've found them all.
    Then, in Gelatinia, from the outside it shows that I've earned 21/21 stars, even though the last of those levels I only have 2/3 stars. For the Explore option it shows I have 4/3 stars.
    Sooo... Yup.
  • Same here. Except TWO of my daily challenge slots are asking me to find hidden stars. :(
  • @amphibious same here...
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