A Bevy of Challenge Weirdness

A bunch of weird stuff is going on with challenges for the last few days (beyond the issue with gems not paying out).

1. Notifications don't send when it's your turn. (This is happening on about 50% if my turns, so I have to keep the app open.

2. The "you've been matched" screen shows the name of the person that I was matched up with in the challenge immediately before. (So, I'm matched up with Runner B, but the "you've been matched" screen shows Runner A)

3. Match list doesn't update. Both in-game and push notifications say that it's my turn, but the list doesn't update until I force quit the app and reopen.

4. After I have been matched in a challenge the challenge button is greyed out, "Searching," until I force quit the app.

5. Match tally is incorrect after finishing a race. It'll show 2-1 when it's 1-1, 1-0 when it's, 2-0, etc. Main screen shows correct, generally, but the screen immediately after the run is wrong.

6. Matches will START with somebody already having won a round.

7. Match round timers are wrong. I've gotten rounds that say 20 minutes, say 1h23m, etc. Then after a run it'll update to the normal 5 minute increment.

8. After I've run a round, it'll still say it's my turn. If I force quite and restart it seems to have submitted my run, but I can also hit the button and run again. Not sure which result actually sticks though.


  • 9. I hit the "quick challenge" button, then go play in the main game. Two minutes later I get an in-game notification saying that I have forfeited a match by not responding for two turns.

    * it's only been two minutes, not nearly enough time for a forfeiture.
    * I never received an in-game notification that a match had been made.
    * I never received an in-game notification that it was my turn.

    And maybe worst of all, when I went back to the challenge screen, the button was still greyed out and "Searching..."

  • 10. In-game notifications are sporadically occurring, but actual match status rarely updates unless I force quit the app.

    Today a challenge was in "Running..." mode for about 15 minutes. I force quit the app, and when I reopened it the match was forfeited because I hadn't responded... but I couldn't respond because the button was greyed out.

    11. Round timer is always super weird. I'll get an OS notification telling me it's my turn and when I open the app it'll at something like 2m34s remaining even though in JUST got the notification. If I force quit and go back in it'll say something proper like 4m32s.

    I'm needing to force quit the app about 30 times a day to get everything to work.
  • They shouldn't have closed down the beta...
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