The AMA Answers are Here!

Hey, Runners!

Thank you for all of your questions! It has been a blast going through all of them; some of ya'll are crazy!

We've put together and answered our favourite questions sent to us below. Check them out!

How do you balance your own plans for the game vs. community requests and feedback?

Personally, I feel both the community and Klang are very much on the same page, given all the feedback we have received. The only difference is that we have to prioritize what is doable within a given time frame, as the Klang team is very small. We'd love to implement everything sent to us, though!

Who is the most skilled Runner on the team?

Hmmm...I'd have to say either Raggi, as he has designed the majority of Race levels, or Hemir, as he's the head of the QA department and plays the game 24/7.

But, seeing as I'm writing this answer, I'd have to say me, Jonathan.

Are there any plans to switch to a live-player system?

This is a good question, something a lot of people have requested.

In theory, yes. In practice, not at the moment.

By this, I mean that we have looked into how this would work. It will take a lot of backend work to make real-time races play as smooth as possible – we'd basically need to re-do how the system works. It's a very fragile thing.

The reason why we decided not to have ReRunners in real-time is because we wanted to have the playing experience seamless, meaning that there's no crazy lag, or ridiculously long lobby waiting times. Just a few hits of a button and you're in an action-packed race!

TL;DR: We're looking into it for the future, but not right now. It will need to be handled
with care.

How can I Race against my Facebook friends?

You can't at the moment; this feature will be coming out really soon!

What plans do you have for the future; what’s next for ReRunners?

More social gameplay, more competitions, more events in-game, tournaments, new Race levels, more clothing and heads!

What’s in store for the social features?

There's a lot of cool, social features coming up. We really want ReRunners to be a
social experience, not just for single players. Here are a few teasers for the near future:

- 1 vs. 1 Challenges with friends
- Social chat system
- Teams / Clans (which leads into a whole new "ball game" of excitement) – this might include team rankings, team-focused Race modes, team Daily Missions, etc.

What are some of the early ideas that didn’t make it into the final version of ReRunners?

The main feature or idea that didn't get into the final version of the game is the storyline. We have a single player storyline written, which includes quests in the Overworld. However, we decided to focus on improving the Racing gameplay and the multiplayer experience, rather than the single player aspect. Plus, there are still some mechanics that need to be oiled before we do this.

Will we ever be able to interact with the large creatures (NPCs) on each level?

Once the single player story is ready to go, you'll be able to interact with them further and embark on cool adventures!

How does the finished product compare to your original vision for the game?

The game is very similar to how we envisioned it. However, we did make a bunch of iterations on the game before we released it globally - from game mechanics to UI designs.

Will high score accessibility be returning to the World Map? Competing in the leaderboards is a pain right now.

We very much agree! We'll be doing a lot more with leaderboards, especially as we want players to feel like they're competing with other players from around the world, which they are!

Will there ever be Clothing purchasable for Coins?

Hmm..I can't really say. But, I can tell you that we're looking into lowering the cost of the vanity items, such as Tops and Pants, as a bunch are far too expensive right now.

What’s the point of leveling my character?

Leveling up is mainly done for matchmaking reasons. The higher up you are in Level, the more experienced the opponents you'll be facing!

What is in the Arena Chests? Is there a difference between what you’re awarded in Rank 18 and what you get in Rank 1?

Arena Chests have a bunch of cool stuff, which you'll be awarded at the end of each Ranked Season. These Chests include a combination of everything: Coins, Bolts, Gems, Training Time, Clothing, Heads.

If you can hit Rank 1 and win the Chest, you'll get LOTS OF SWAG, such as three items of Clothing, normally the most expensive ones.

Can't you guys not send us all the way back to an old rank after a “season"?

The reason we do this is to keep things fresh and keep it moving. That way, every month everyone has a chance to reach the higher ranks, rather than keep it stale all the way at the top.

Once you finish Lucid Wharf, what next?

Fire Island!! Which, will be one of the new areas of the Overworld to explore – coming sometime in the future.

But first, try reaching Heavens' Arena once you hit Rank 2!

Will ReRunners have controller support, and will there be a console/PC port?

Controller support, yes! It's in the plan!

Console or PC port, no plans at the moment. Personally, I think that would be super cool, though.

Why are there no Ukrainian shirts in the store?

Ah, shucks! There was no reason not to include the Ukrainian flag Top in the store during the Olympics event, other than we didn't have enough manpower to create it. We'll make sure that we include it in the next event!

Can I make my own heads?

Well, you can't make them in the game. But, you can send us suggestions and ideas for when we include even more stuff in the Clothing Store!

How do I get Gems?

There are a bunch of ways to get Gems. Here are a few ways:
- Completing Daily Missions
- Earning Medals
- Opening Chests
- Joining any of our competitions on Social Media, where we give away lots of things...including Gems! Stay tuned to our pages for upcoming news about these.

Will you add a chat system?

Yes! Will be working on it after we've finalized the Challenges. Not too long from now!

What role did the character “Sir Greetings” have in the game?

Good question! Sir Greetings was the ex-right-hand man of King Klang, whose job it was to guide you through the early stages of the game. However, we made the tutorial way shorter and replaced him with Summoner he was just a little bit too creepy. He had a killer moustache, though.

But, Sir Greetings is still lurking about in the game...and the Forum.

Well, this was super fun. Let's do this again sometime!
- Jonathan


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    The clans/teams feature sounds like a great idea! Can't wait for the future updates :)
  • Awesome!
  • About real time gameplay.. did you saw the game Super Battle Racers? I think you can have ideas from him
  • I want to suggest a head but how?
  • @SirAnzer just suggest it here if you want, the devs will see it
  • @Andark - Hey! Thanks for your comment.

    Yeah, SBRs is a great game! The thing is though, the backend system of ReRunners has been created with asynchronous in mind. So, it's a difficult process adapting it to real-time.

    But, we also want to do our own thing with ReRunners.

    @SirAnzer - Awesome! Let us hear it, yo!
  • @SirAnzer You could draw one in paint or gimp, doesn't have to be perfect, but you could maybe highlight your idea better that way.
  • Where thou art these gosh darn Easter eggs i hear about?
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