New ReRunners Update: 1.10 is here!

Hey, Runners!

I have great news; ReRunners 1.10 is out now! I'd like to thank you all for your support and ideas that you have sent to us since the previous update - we really couldn't do this without you!

So, before I get too emotional, here's a list of the latest features and fixes:

1 Vs. 1 Challenges Are Here!
- You can challenge your Buddies and Facebook friends to a Race - You can bet against them and reap the rewards!
- Race against random players by tapping the Quick Challenge button; within a few seconds, you'll be matched up with a player. These races are more brutal, as you could be matched up with a Runner with better Skills than you, or a weaker Runner and you can DOMINATE the race.

ReplayKit Livestreaming - Exclusive to iOS 10 Only

- Now, you can stream to Mobcrush and other streaming sites with the click of a button!
- I'll be uploading a video of how to use ReplayKit soon.

21 New Locations to Race in!
- New and improved locations; crazier than ever before!

Free Rewards with Friend Invites!
- Invite your friends to play ReRunners with a referral code and you'll both earn Gems! Up to 100 for free!!

Battery Saver Mode
- You can now toggle on Battery Saver Mode which will reduce the amount of juice you use!

Missing Hidden Stars are Back!
- Those pesky, mysteriously missing Stars are back. You can now collect them!

Levels That Wouldn't Load are Now Accessible!
- In the previous release, there were a few Races that wouldn't load up. BUT, now they do!

Price Reductions for Items / Clothing / Heads!
- We've reduced the price for all Items / Clothing / Heads, meaning you can now look fly for cheaper!

General Bug Fixing & Polish!

Looking forward to Challenging you all!

- Jonathan


  • I was so excited for this update! I've already been playing the heck out of it! :smiley:
  • Love it, too bad that I can't win the 1v1 challenges... I always go against the same person and he is like very high level and have max powers etc. But it's cool I still love the game.
  • please need help to stream on mobcrush of rerunners using ios 10
  • Wow! Great update!!! I love the new 1v1 feature, just as you said, very fast paced, but I think there should be a penalty when ignoring the challenge. I have entcountered many runners that skip out on the challenge because they're facing a huge level gap. I could just ignore the 15 min waiting time and go to the next challenge but it is likely the next challenger will be way lower level and do the exact same thing. If there is a penalty, runners would at least enter and exit the race. It would be even better with a forfeit button.

    This is just something I thought you'd be interested in, will do a detailed review later.
  • It's kind of weird how some people can stream to Mobcrush and I can't I have IOS10
  • @Istinah - We've updated the matchmaking algorithm today, so hopefully this will resolve everything.

    @Giovvana12 & @ItsCrisWithNo_H - It looks like the issue isn't within ReRunners, but with Mobcrush. For example, we tried live streaming Tower Dash (another iOS ReplayKit compatible game) and that freezes the device, too.

    If you don't have the Mobcrush app downloaded and press the broadcast button you'll be prompted to the App Store. However, if you have the Mobcrush app it freezes the device. Our QA team is working with the Mobcrush devs at the moment to figure out a solution.

    We've had reports that it works on iPhone but not iPad.

    @Kiddi - Thanks for your feedback!
  • Hi! I'm loving the game so far, I'm also having issues streaming to mobcrush. Im on a iPhone 6plus running ios10 and I start the livestream within the game and everything works fine, I see myself on the camera and the game is playing But when I look at my Mobcrush profile there was no stream on it? Just wondering if there is someway to link the accounts so the stream could go to my channel because Im not sure where it is livestreaming to if not my channel?
  • Hey @paperKB - Thanks for reaching out!

    Check out the Mobcrush support page:

    Hopefully this will help you out!

  • Had a sec.
    Games; especially games for iphone iPad have a 6 second rule. I either personally like a game, or just get bored or humiliated by my lack of any inherent skill within the span of 6 seconds..
    ReRunners immediately had me hooked, and reminded me of a Super Mario game- but only in how magical and sublime rerunners is.
    A VR version of this game would be a total trip down the perverbial rabbit hole, without the use of any mind altering substances . The interactive nature would be awesome as well.
    So excited to see where this game grows !
    @dev Johnathan- thanks for taking the time to make me a personalized sprite, changing my players name, and being so immersed in the human element of s game-Interacting with players on the boards, Mobcrush etc.; and discussing good ideas and suggestions players might have . Keep up the good work dude!
  • Am I the only one with even more bugs from this update? Character freezes in mid-game, no new levels showing up, areas won't load, etc etc. I like the game but it's getting too frustrating dealing with all the issues to keep playing.
  • @Lisaw405 I'm experiencing character freezing and the areas and races freeze when I try to enter them
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