Feedback on the latest update!

Hi rerunners team!

Great job on the latest update! Matchmaking in star races has improved by a landslide, making the game a bit more challenging and easier at the same time. I was getting bored being matched up against level 20 runners. The price reduction is nice but you kind off mixed up the quality ranks of the products, some of the products that used to be premium are now mid to lover class. The new levels are nothing but awesome! You sure do not lack creativeness. The much needed "invite reward" is finally here. I really hope this is going to motivate people to invite their friends!

Unfortunately... with awesome there is bad.

1v1 challenges!

I first want to make clear that I think the new challenge system is awesome and is a very good way to keep runners busy in the idle season! Even though I think this is a really awesome feature, I still consider it flawed and it would need changes to make quick challenges actually quick.
Runners don't respect the challenge when they are under powered. Runners will leave you hangin' and you'll have to spend double the amount of time finishing the challenge to get full amount of points. You have to run, wait five minutes, run once more to get the first point and repeat the 5 minute wait x2. With your own turns added to the 15 minute wait, the challenges are going to take at least 20 minutes.

You could prevent this by limiting the amount of quick challenges open at the same time. This way a player can't challenge spam to ignore the hard challenges. The player would rather want to get the challenge over with quickly to try for an easier one. You should also just consider making players just loose a point to the opponent when skipping a turn. When a player skips a turn it it is most likely because the player has given up, there is no interest in the challenge or something came up. To be able to forfeit the match would be a nice addition to this, then players don't have to enter and exit the race.

I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks of this as a problem but please consider making quick challenges more fast paced. It gets boring fast when you're mostly just spending time waiting for turns to reach zero.

Few issues!

- Wasn't the update supposed to fix the hidden stars dailies? I still only have room for one daily mission.

- I still receive training reductions from chests even though I'm maxed out.

- Have you considered making some use for coins? I've got a huge amount of coins in store without being able to use them.

- Sometimes runners outrun me on straight paths. I wonder if my upgrades are bugged.

- Item buttons get unresponsive sometimes. Since the latest update I have had the jump/jetpack button die on me falling to my grave. Some of the challenges I've lost is because of this. This might also just be my device screwing with me.

To every fellow rerunner! Please let me know if you agree or disagree. Every input is appreciated!

- Kiddi!


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    Quick challenges on my account do not work, stuck in search...
  • I forfeit Quick Challenges, because they're not really a challenge. I get matched with runners that are to fast for me to catch up. So I have nothing to gain from something I'm obviously going to lose at.

    I feel like the challenge should benefit both players as they both spend time and bolts to do so.

    As for the button unresponsivness. I'm pretty sure this has happened to me, but I usually think it has to do with my fat fingers or just my phone being unresponsive towards my touch. Either way, more research has to be put into this!

    Quick Challenges are taking a while now since players are realizing how unfair it is. I hope balanced Quick Challenges can be a thing so that Level 10 and Level 50 players can actually race fairly.
  • Hey @birdy190899 thanks for your reply! You make some interesting points.

    Maybe your right, were at fault for having fat fingers lol. Being more conscious of your finger movement definitely helps but doesn't eliminate the problem.

    The challenges has been taking forever since the start. I'm maxed out and running against lower level runners, I can only imagine how frustrating it must be. Instead of giving up on the challenge, I thought it would be better being able to forfeit. That way the both runners don't have to suffer.

    By balanced you mean "fair play" quick challenges? That could work but I think upgrades should give you an advantage, something to motivate you but not make you give up on the game.

    What I suggest is match classes. You'd be able to choose easy medium hard and you'll race runners and get rewarded accordingly. I think it's an effective way for everyone to gain something without having a level 1 gaining the same points as a level 100.

    I also think the minimum challenge reward should be exchanged with more ranks, 21-40 get 30 gems and 41-80 get 20 gems, it would make for more room to gain something if you're less upgraded.
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