Overall Rankings Screen / Ranking Beyond 25

Right now the only way to view rankings is to tap the world, tap the level, wait for it to load, tap the high scores...

From this screen I can see my score, but if I'm not in the top 25, I can't see my rank. Oddly, I CAN see the rank of my buddies.

So, two feature requests...

1. A single screen where I can see my score and global ranking (and possibly buddy list ranking)

2. Being able to see my global ranking from the high score screen if I'm not in the top 25.



  • Addendum:

    1. Neglected to specify that it should be a single screen that includes all the levels scores/rankings, so I can see where I rank at a glance and know which levels I need to focus on improving!
  • edited September 2016
    They already agreed to this when they did the Q&A.

    There is another way to view your scores, it is just as bothersome but it might suit you better. Go to the overworld, find the level, click on the door and the tap the high scores. You only have to wait for the overworld to load, but there is a lot of running involved.
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