Clarification on Intention on "Timing Out" in Challenges

edited September 2016 in Ideas & Feedback
I've had a few challenges in the last day that ended up kinda strange and I want to clarify what the intended behavior is supposed to be in this situation.

The score is 2-0 and I'm winning. In the next round my opponent does an amazing run and thoroughly beats me, making it 2-1.

It's their turn to play and they let the 5 minute timer elapse.

I'm up again, and find myself racing against the exact same amazing run from before. Again, I lose and it's 2-2.

Once more their 5 minute timer elapses.

Again, I'm playing against the exact same run they did a few races again. I lose one more time, and it's 2-3.

Their 5 minute timer elapses for a third time.

Same run for them, and I lose once more, 2-4 and the match is theirs.

Is this what is supposed to be happening? Me running over and over against the exact same kickass run?

Seems like there's great potential here for exploitation: If you win the run and it's your turn to play again, just let it time out instead of risking posting a worse time.



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