List of issues I've experienced


Great game first of all and I've had great fun playing it.

Thought you might like a list of the various bugs I've experienced.

Currently my bolts are sometimes not recharging if I leave the app (on iOS), despite receiving a notification that they are fully charged. Sometimes they recharge.
I currently have a daily quest of obtaining an hidden star. I've collected all the hidden stars currently, though the evergreen heights star bug means it doesn't think I have so I can't complete it and it doesn't change for a new day.
If upon entering the overworld I accidentally leave the overworld immediately (such as holding the direction button the wrong way) then re-enter the same world, then sometimes my character is generated on the bottom right of the screen and I can't explore. I've particularly had this issue on Lucid Mountain entering from the Daydream Gardens end.
On the daily quests, sometimes the numbers of a task (such as using the teleporter) don't match the number of efforts required to complete the task.

Hope the above is helpful.


  • Hey @gjevans - Thanks for posting!

    Interesting bugs, especially the strange character spawning. I'll create bug reports and send it to the team!
  • Thanks for the reply.

    I haven't had the issues with the character spawning over the past week or so, so with the previous update you may have fixed it!

    However iOS 10 has spawned the following:

    Yesterday I could load the new levels. Today every time I try to access one the game freezes on the loading page.

    The arena has all kinds of bugs. I assume you've changed the orb requirements with the move to weekly competitions. Was alternating 3 and 4 orbs until Arena 11, where I required 11 orbs to progress. On winning those 11 orbs moved me to Trophy 10 but the Lucid Arena. I came 4th in my attempt, it made me lose three orbs yet I now have Trophy 9 in the Slope Arena with Chest 8. I'm very confused!

  • Actually trying to access the Arena now - it's changed again and I now have this
  • edited September 2016
    Thank you for your time and feedback.
  • I was able to reproduce your situation and can confirm this bug. It happened when you rank down from 7 or 8. It will be fixed in the next update/hotfix. In the meantime, you can continue playing, it will actually give you a better chest right now.
  • Regarding the new levels, can you tell me which levels are not working for you and what you runner name is?
  • Levels now seem to be working again - they were the new Hoveria levels. Runner name is my username. Thanks for your response!
  • New bug - Galatinia Hidden Stars appear and are collectable. On the positive this allowed me to clear my Collect a Hidden Star daily quest.

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