Back to School Special Offer - This Weekend Only!

Hey, Runners!

Seeing as a bunch of our players will be going back to school next week, we're offering an exclusive Back to School Special Offer this weekend!

To coincide with the Labor Day weekend in the U.S, the offer will be available from today until Monday.

So, what's in the offer, you ask? You'll be getting:

100 Gems!

2000 Coins!

The Blue Blazer W/ Pink Tie!

The Camel Slim Suit Pants! Super preppy!

Sounds great, right? Perfect to cure those back to school blues!


  • Jonathan! I have run out of levels! There is nowhere to go! Please say it ain't so! Lucid Wharf needing only one hidden star to find cant be the end! What gives?
  • Hey @Lisaw405 - We've added a bunch of new levels into the game for the next update.

    Also, the 1 vs. 1 Challenges are coming!
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