Deleating my character

i cind of mest up in the making of my character and i would like to delete him so i can create a new one. If anyone can help please do it would be greatly appreciated :)


  • @nikolaprikola

    How is it possible to mess up your character? You start with basically nothing and the upgrades end up the same when you are fully upgraded. If you messed up the avatar look, you can always buy some hot stuff with gems you earn in various ways(you could also choose to support the dev's). The newbie stuff is cool, but something(in my opinion) you'll have to leave behind once you get in the big league. If you're unhappy about your username, I think they're more than happy to hook you up with a name change. If you really are determined to recreate your account, pm the dev's if you haven't already. Good luck.

  • @nikolaprikola - I'm still waiting for your reply to my DM, yo!
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