Crystals, Best way to spend them?

Fun new game, but what is the best and most effective way to spend Crystals for a free to play player??

Any suggestions welcome.




  • Hey, @Birdpoo

    I never thought I'd be saying that!

    This a great question! I'd suggest picking up a sweet head or top from the store...or use Gems to buy Coins, so then you can upgrade your Items quicker.

    I hope that helps!
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    Hey @Birdpoo.

    In my opinion this game has now become a bit too freemium. I suggest you forget about clothing, power up your runner and spend every gem you can gather on bolts. Thats if you wanna try for highscores. 6 bolts(even the 10 promised, if we're ever going to get that many slots) is unfortunately not enough to practice a level. If you choose to wait for bolts to recharge, chances are you've reversed back to square one and have to practice the level yet again. To be honest, I do not want to bother with scores anymore cause of the ad-tube you have to sit through.

    Good news is that they will make scores more accessible sometimes in the future, now it takes forever to load levels just to check your scores. There is another way.. You can run around in the overworld, search for the levels there, that way you you get rid of most loading screens but unfortunately that also takes forever.

    Sorry for the negativity! It really depends on what you want your playing experience to be. If you don't care that much about the lbs, get clothing, you’ll be fully upgraded either way just takes a bit longer, who doesn't want to run while looking fabulous! If you are greedy like me, to want everything without going broke, just get used to not being fancy, it really makes things a lot easier.

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