Special Announcements! Changes to Arena Races & Leaderboards!

Hey, Runners,

I have two special announcements to make – one about the Arena Races – one about the Star Race Leaderboards. Both that I hope you will love!

As of Monday 5th September, we'll be changing up the structure of Arena Races. Here's the lowdown:

1. The duration of the Arena Seasons will now be weekly, rather than monthly - every Monday to Sunday.

Let's be honest; a month is way too long for a Season. It gets a bit tedious. This way, the battle to become number one will be faster paced!

Plus, you'll be earning reward chests every week, instead of every month. * Squeals inside *

2. The amount of Bolts used to enter an Arena Race will be reduced from two to one! Race more for fewer Bolts!

Next up: we'll also be resetting all Leaderboards for the Star Races.

The reason for this is because they are very badly balanced, with some Scores being created during earlier stages of the development process; some Races even been reworked, making these Scores too darn hard to beat, impossible actually. So, we're amending this now!

I hope you like these changes! If you have any questions, drop me a comment below.

- Jonathan


  • Awesome, love this change
  • Great to hear!
  • I updated the app, but it says the season ends in 29 days
  • Hey, @Killon - Yeah, it will be moved over to weekly on Monday 5th.
  • Great game- it is one of those games which totally encompasses a player into an exciting lsd trip of magical and addictive fun. It is however a bit too difficult in my humble opinion. I'm not a " gamer" per se, so it's most likely my lack of skill, and hopefully these new updates which sound great help a fe le minded player like myself.
  • But how about the next update tho? butvin on bored with this update.
  • My thoughts exactly, kinda disappointed that I'll have to redo my scores, not like it's been easy, but I guess it's necessary.
  • @ItsCrisWithNo_H - The next update is coming really soon! In the next week or two. The 1 vs. 1 Challenges are so much fun. You'll be able to challenge your Buddies and a Quick Challenge, where you get matched up with random players.

    @Kiddi - Yeah, unfortunately we just had to do this. It's been highly requested in the community, so we decided it was about time, especially with the new update coming soon.
  • Arena Season is now weekly (it is still displayed as "September 2016", don't worry about it). The season starts now every monday at 12am GMT. Everybody who finished at least one arena run since 1st Sep, can now claim a new chest. If you quick, you might be able to claim two arena rewards today, and since it costs only one bolt now, easy gems.

    The leaderboards are now resetted, I hope you have fun beating each other in the global scores now.
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