Ask Us Anything! [Taking Questions Now]

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Hey ReRunners,

Do you have any burning questions for the team at Klang? Let's hear 'em!
We're going to be doing an AMA post in the upcoming weeks to drop some knowledge bombs on the community.

Post your questions below to keep us sane and have everything in one place. We're open to talk upcoming features, changes, fixes, inspiration, early ReRunners ideas that were scrapped, and Jonathan's love of ponies. Nothing is off guard!


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    Hey rerunners team!

    I got a question or two to start this thread. I hope that this will make the forum more organized, I've joined topics in the craziest places lol. I'm warning you that these questions will not keep you sane and most likely will not cure DevJay's love of ponies. Have fun answering!

    What is your ideal rerunners, how do you vision the game in the upcoming future? I'm not thinking about your future plans but more how the game is now compared to your initial vision, and how you want it to evolve.

    It's hard not to notice that many runners want to see a real time version, I admit I wanted to see one myself at some point but wouldn't it be a wiser choice to just do a real time overworld as it would make player interactions easier and lag isn't as disturbing as when you are in a race?

    There has been a lot of people posting great ideas! It can be hard to stay true to your goal when taking the community way serious. What's your experience with player ideas?

    I like your live streams, unfortunately I tend to forget whenever you're live, I'll make sure to download the mobcrush app to get the notifications. What I did not know before watching your videos was that wacky sir greetings had a role in the game other than being on a painting in the hotel. The old starting spot is still in the game. So the question is: are you ever going to return the storyline to the game?

    Why did you remove highscore accessibility from the world map? I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm burning to know if the feature is coming back or not. Competing on the lbs is a pain right now.

    Are avatar clothing ever going to be purchasable in exchange for coins? Had to play a lot lot lot of ads to get the big oh head, totally worth it though!

    Is the Iceland shirt a DEV only shirt? It's so attractive that I'd like to offer one of my kidneys to get it!

    Did my old avatar look get featured in the play store or is it a coincidence?

    The last question I'm going to ask is to get you guys fighting amongst yourselves. Who's the most skilled runner amongst the team?

    That's all the questions I've been burning to ask so far. You should definitely look forward to the next batch!

  • Are you guys looking for any sound designers/ EDM producers ? I am predicting with 99 percent certainty that this game will blow up bigger than angry birds. I day trade to butter the bread, and I'm just really good at seeing trends- train spotting if you will- and I got that gut feeling w this one - good work guys/ gals.
  • Thanks for the awesome words!!
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