Wear the Olympic Spirit - Pick Up New Flag Tops!

Hey, Runners,

We're running an exclusive event this weekend in the Clothing Store!

As the 2016 Summer Olympics is taking place, we've updated the store with 40 new Flag Tops, all for only 20 Gems each.

Here's a list of the latest styles we have available:

Kabul Jumper by Afgan Athletic
Argentinan Jumper by Hand of God
Aussie Jumper by Wallabies
Brazilian Sweater by Heitor Rafael
Belarusian Shirt by Maison Minsk
Province Pullover by Oh Canada!
Chilean Jumper by Stone Easter Island
Circle of the Sun Jumper by Yen Yen
Colombian Jumper by Mild Bean
Cuban Shirt by Smokey Salsa
Czech Pullover by Cheqnel
Danish Jumper by Krone Krone
Egyptian Jumper by Cairo Klein
Finnish Wool Jumper by Super Angry Cell
German Tricolour Sweater by Rhineland
Greenlandic Jumper by Greenberg (Easter Egg Shirt)
Hungarian Shirt by Rubik's Kube
Icelandic Design Sweater by Mundi
Indian Cotton Jumper by Hindi Hero
Italian Jumper by Pra-Ta-Da!
Jamaican Sweater by Insane Bolt
Kazakhstani Jumper by KZT
Madrid Merino Jumper by Spanish Stunna
Mexican Shirt by Cholé de Mayo
Netherlands Shirt by DUTCH
New Zealander Top by Donna Kiwi
Norwegian Flag Jumper by Oslow
Persian Pullover by Iran, Uran?
Polish Pullover by Polska Palace
Portuguese Sweater by Piri-Piri
Red Flag Jumper by Turkish Delight
Romanian Sweater by Transylvania & Co.
Russian Tricolour Sweater by Sputnik 1
Shanghai Sweater by Great Wall
South African Top by Def Zef
South Korean Top by Seoul for the Soul
Stars & Stripes Sweater by 4th of July
Swedish Flag Pullover by AB/BA
Taipei Sweater by Made in Taiwan
Union Flag Jumper by Red Ferry

Pick them up while they're still hot!


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