Unfair Stages

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Here's a video of me trying to get 3 stars on a race. However it is impossible when your oppornents have Level 4/5 Speed Boosts. They are super hard to beat and I'm level 23.

I suggest Item caps for races such as this one. Cap them at level 3 or 2


  • Great run!
    We're constantly working on matchmaking optimizations, it seems those players are really old from the beta, I'll see what I can do.

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    Hey @birdy190899! I like your dedication!

    This is definitely a unfair match-up but I don't think item capping is a great idea for star races as it kinda ruins the point. In my opinion you have to choose wisely on runner and item upgrades and if you can't 3 star a race you'll have to come back later.

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    @JoeMeister Yeah, this game is more skill-based than you'd think! Even an underdog can take out a fully upgraded Runner in some cases.
  • I had a hard time getting 3 stars in some stages... but I'm always trying to get them. I'm improving my skills lol.
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