Hello, my name is Chaser

Hello ReRunner world!

My name is Chaser. In real life you'd probably call me Jasper though. I live in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and am very happy to be here!

I'm still a newbie, only signed up for the beta today. Hoping too see this community and game grow.

May the best runner win!


  • Hey, Chaser! Great to see you here!
  • Hi Chaser!

    We're actually in Germany too, Berlin to be exact! Although most of us aren't German.

    Glad to have you onboard!
  • Welcome Jasper ;)
    Why in Rerunners there are no bosses? I hope that in the future update their there will be.. and some news :)
  • Hey!

    Actually, we're looking at bosses for solo play. In fact, we already have a storyline written. We're focusing on multiplayer first, though, as ReRunners is a social experience. But, we haven't forgotten about our solo players!

    We've thrown around the idea of having the Devs as bosses too!
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    @Magnus @DEV Jonathan Anytime you see me in-game it's like racing a boss B)
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