Jump button

Is there a reason why you've gone for an up arrow for the jump button? I'd rather it was a circle button which is more common and universal. Also, is it possible to add an option to remove the buttons completly (including left and right)? I like games where this option is possible as I prefer less clutter on screen.

Great game overall. You guys are onto a winner here I think!


  • Hey, iDave!

    Thanks for your kind words! This is a good idea. To be honest, there is no real reason why we chose an arrow rather than a circle. I'll let the team know...
  • It would be nice not to see any control keys and I do like the circle idea.
  • Don't change it, that's my opinion. Maybe give users the ability to change and buy some button skins with gems or coins.
  • The current skin could be called "ReRunners classic" or something like that, the setting with no control keys would then be "Phantom" or "assassin"
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