Changes that I think should be made.

Hey hey, here are some of my main grievances that are not bugs. I’ve mentioned some of these before but I wanted to make a complete list.

* The chest graphics are way to long. A player should be abel to tap the screen and speed it up in less then a second, not 11 sec like it is now. The graphic are cool but only for the first few times, after that they come really annoying.
* This is probably what I most dislike about the game. When a upgrade has finished the upgrade-window pops up and the game is unplayable until I select something new to upgrade. This is problematic because often I open the game and my player is in a world with a lot of coins so I want to run and try to collect as many coins before other runners get them. Deciding what to upgrade usually takes few minutes, looking at all the upgrade times, calculating when each upgrade will finish and what I need to 3 star the few runs I have left. There should be a button that closes the window without making me upgrade something. Hack … maybe I don’t want to upgrade my runner at all, maybe I wan’t to see how many stars I can get without upgrading the runner. Upgrades are not something the game should force you to do.
* The upgrade-window shouldn’t pop-up automatically. It feels very spam-pop-up’y. It’s bad UX.
* A player should be able to cancel a upgrade. Me like many other players plan the upgrades and sometimes I upgrade the wrong thing or for some other reason want to cancel a upgrade.
* The option to speed up upgrades with gems or coins. (This will also help you sell more gems). I’d rather spend my gems on upgrades then clothes.
* The score to 3 star races needs to be balanced better. 3 starring 80% of the runs takes 2 days. With in 5 days I’ve 3 starred all races except Zic Zac (6.5), Crazy Convoy (12-5), Candy Mania (15-6) and Shower Up (19-1). These races can’t be 3starred until the runner has been upgrades x-much. Takes about 3-4 weeks. So there is a long time that no stars can be gained, just waiting for upgrades. So what I suggest should be done is:
* Slightly increase the points for 3 staring several races.
* Lower the points to 3 star above-mentioned races, specially Candy Mania.
* Shortening the time to upgrade runner. After few upgrades it takes several days to upgrade.
* The races in Retrovertigo and Hoveria are really easy to 3 star (except 19-1). Every time I’ve made a new runner, I 3 star all these races in the first try with a “un-upgraded” runner.
* In the star-window after a race, the green colour that indicates unlocked but unopened race is really similar to the green colour that indicates current race.
* In the same window, current race should be in the center when it pops up. Scrolling up to 67 races every few minutes gets really annoying.
* I wish I could control what notification pop up on my phone or at least the quantity should be reduced.
* I would love if could use coins to buy clothes and upgrades. After all items are maxed the coins become useless.
* There should be some kind off indicator that tells you if you’ve found all the Overworld hidden stars.
* I know this is technology hard but I thought I should put this on the list since this the worst part of the game. The game drains way more battery then any game I’ve tried. 2 hour casual play uses 75% of my battery (my phones has a good battery).
* I know the loading windows are there for a reason but if its possible to reduce them that would be awesome, specially not having to load a race again if I die or retry a race. Almost all of my friends who have tried the game have commented on the load screens.

Kv. Héðinn


  • @hedinne!

    Thanks for making this list, super helpful!

    Chest unlocking sequence - We’ve already made it a lot shorter in the development branch, let me know if it’s better in the next update.

    Auto popup & no closing the training UI - The idea here was to show the importance of skill training and get players used to always having something in training. I agree that it gets annoying, maybe we can disable it after a few skills? By then people should understand how it works. What do you think about that?

    Speeding up training - Implemented in development branch!

    Star balancing - Agreed. We definitely need to make a balancing pass on the stars.

    Star window - We’re removing this, the whole flow of finishing a race is going to change. You’ll be taken to a new and improved map (with some star window elements).

    Notification control - Yes! Trying to get this in soon.

    Clothes for coins - Yes! Agreed.

    Battery drainage - Yeah, this is very unfortunate. We’re running at a higher frame rate than most games (60fps), which drains the battery pretty quickly. 60fps just feels much better in a fast paced game like ReRunners. We’ve been thinking about adding a “power save mode” which would then run at 30fps and conserve batteries.

    Loading - Yes, absolutely agree, we should be able to restart levels without reloading them from scratch. Also with the changes to the flow of finishing races (opening the map instead of going to the overworld) we’ll reduce loading moments.

    Again thanks so much for writing up this feedback! Keep it coming!

  • Thanks for the great reply. Looking forward to new updates.

    Training UI, I get that you want emphasise the importance of upgrading but it could been done differently like with super noticeable button or something like that. At least disable it after few upgrades. I doubt players wouldn't notice the benefit of upgrading if it wasn't forced upon them, at least it doesn't look like a problem in other games.

    Power save mode would be super awesome! It would have two benefits, first players could play the game even though they don't have phone chargers with them. And maybe more importantly, it would explain why the game uses so much battery. People are more likely to be fine with the drainage if they know that they are getting better gameplay.

    Kv. Héðinn
  • Training UI Won't be forced in 1.5. :wink:
  • Woop Woop!
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