Events & Arenas (and custom levels!)

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I feel like the games oveworld is lacking, here are some suggestions : Every 10 minutes a 5 minute event happens in a zone where there are prizes and gems to be had. Example : Collect as many raining silver stars to win! 3rd place gets 30 gems, second 50 and first place gets a piece of clothing (picked at random) and 70 gems. Of course doing so would mean live multiplayer instead of ghosts of other players though.. And each arenas would have a few activities like a boxing ring (?), high score contests arcade machines etc.

EDIT : Custom race creator! Search player made courses and top rated! That way the game will never grow old!


  • Hey, again!

    There will be a lot more things to do in the Overworld. In fact, there will be quests and missions from a bunch of the NPCs you find all around the land. We're still working on this. These missions will be give you much more to do! Plus, we'll have a lot of other easter eggs and challenges.

    But, your ideas are great! Keep them coming!!
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