Hi, My Name Is IAreLucas.

Hello! I'm not necessarily new however, I have been around since the very first beta.

Sorry, who are you?

I'm a senior writer at GameMob. I previously covered ReRunners before it was racing for the world :).

Sweet! Can I Still Find Your Article?

Of course! Click Here to read my previous coverage from our "Under The Radar" series.

How Come There's No "New" Beta Coverage?

This is due to the fact the developers are going to be making some big changes over the course of the beta. A full scale review after the game has launched is a much fairer approach.

Where Do I Get More News / Care About What You Say?

You can follow me on Twitter to catch my latest ramblings.

Im Developing A Mobile Game. Can I Get You To Check It Out Or Review It?

While I never say no to any creative avenue, Playtesting mobile games and / or reviewing them need to meet a certain amount of quality. If you think your title matches that description, PM or message me here with more details & links to screenshots or gameplay.

And that's all there is to say. I look forward to watching the ReRunners community grow, and enjoying this fine piece of mobile platforming action! :smiley:


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