Here comes a new challenger!

Hi guys!
I discovered your amazing game yesterday, and to be honest, I'm so excited to test it as soon as possible !
I love the design of the game, of the website, the pixelart, the multiplayer... You really did a greatjob!
As I am a YouTuber and a Streamer,I promise I will create some videos of the game as soon as I'll put my hands on!
Hope it will run well on Xperia Z5 and on Nvidia Tablet K1!
See U soon!
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  • Hey, Labzaf!

    Great to see you here! Thanks for sharing you channels too, yo.
  • Also, we know that the K1 with the latest os should be running the game smoothly!
  • Thanks for the welcome and the answers ;)
    Do you have any idea on when the beta will be available in Europe on Android?
    And concerning the final version?
  • Hey, @Labzaf

    Message me the email connected to your Google Play account. I have your hotmail, but it's not associated. Once you send your email, we'll get you playing the Android Beta!

    - Jonathan
  • Thank you so much, i already started to play with it and it's aweeesome! AS EXPECTED :wink:
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