Beta Version 1.4 is here - Important info!

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Hey, Runners!

I'm pleased to announce that the ReRunners 1.4 Beta is here! Those of you who have signed up and are already a part of the Beta should now have an email...or you'll get one real soon!

Here are the latest updates and features:

Updated Ranked Races!

It's still work in progress, but it's getting better! Go get those ORBS!

Daily Missions!

Everyday, you'll receive new missions to complete, where you'll be rewarded will cool stuff for Free! Like XP and Gems...

You find the Daily Missions, click the check mark UI in the HUD, which looks like this ->

Please note: This is still work in progress, so there may be bugs and text errors.

Insta-complete Skills!

You can now complete your Skills instantly with Gems.

There's one thing that I must mention!!

As we've introduced the ability to complete your Runner's skill training by spending Gems, we've made the decision to stop offering endless Gems for free in the Shop. The reason being that it would be an unfair advantage for players to max out their Runner straight away, as well as hinder your playing experience (taking out the grind takes out the fun).

That being said, if you'd like more Gems for free, drop me an email with your Runner name and I can send them to you. On the flip side, if you'd like to have a true playing experience, and would like your Gems and Coins to be reduced, I can also do that too.

New Death Respawning

You will no longer have to restart each Race after dying. Instead, you'll be respawned after a slight time penalty, keeping you in the action!

Other new things and improvements:

- Early stages of the Head Shop

- Bug fixes

- Jonathan

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