Android Beta 1.2 is Now Full! For now...

Hey, Runners!

I have some bad news. Well, maybe that's a bit extreme. It's not bad news per se.

The Android Beta is now full, which means that we're not able to include any new players into the current Beta (code-named 1.2. The Second Coming). I'm super sorry if you have already signed up and haven't received the build - I'll be emailing you!

But, the Beta isn't closed!!! Those in the Beta can stay in the Beta; you're the chosen few.

We'll be reopening the Android Beta for 1.3 (Return of the Runner). There's no confirmed date, but it will be soon. ETA early April.

The Beta for iOS is still open, too.

If you have any questions, either PM me or send me an email:

Thanks, all!!

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