The Commandments of the Forum

Good day, Runners!

King Klang has bestowed upon me the duty of upholding the rules of our marvelous Forum.

Here are Klang's Commandments:

1. Thou shalt not post any NSFW images.
- This is a family Forum. We like ReRunners-related photos...and cat photos.

1. Thou shalt not conduct illegal activities.
- No Piracy Talk. No Drug Talk. No Violent Talk.

2. Thou shalt not act in a disrespectful manner.
- No Swearing. No Trolling. No Bullying. No Racism. No Sexism.

3. Thou shalt not create multiple Forum accounts.
- Accounts created for inappropriate or illegal reasons will be banned.

4. Thou shalt not spam or flood the Forum.
- Don't post the same message in multiple categories.

5. Thou shalt not be abusive.
- Do not include religious, political or abusive content in your signature.

Klang's Guidelines for Civil Posting:

1. Be relevant.
- Klang likes your posts and discussions to be relevant to their category.

2. Be eloquent.
- Don't post in ONLY CAPITALS, or post using a number of repeated symbols (like ?!??!!!?!).

3. Be descriptive in your subject titles.
- That way other Runners are more likely to be interested in your post.

Keep Calm and Forum On!

I'm here to help, old sport. Well, maybe...


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