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  • Thanks, Nick. We're looking into this!
  • Hey hey,
    The timer on skill upgrades is broken. The pace and jump take 0s to upgrade so I managed to upgrade my runner to 150 in pace and 121 in jump (until I got bored) and now he is uncontrollably fast (I got greedy). An the only way to get out of the skill tree was to upgrade something else like acceleration that takes 4 days.
  • @hedinne - Thanks for letting us know!

  • @hedinne There was a brief time period when all skills took 0 seconds. I´ll take the blame for that !

  • As much fun it is to jump across entire overworld, could you reset my skill lvls to ~20? My runners name is MayorOfMargaritavill.
  • @hedinne - Thanks. We'll take care of this for you
  • Few more things:
    1. The seller at KrullKrull scammed me. I paid him 126 gems for a shirt but he never delivered.
    2. The daily bonus is really buggy. Every few days it resets to day 1. So I never get any gems.
    3. Sometimes after I quit the game by clearing recently used app on my phone, the settings go back to default and sound & vibration come back on. I really wished there was a way to safely quit the game and having it running in the background since this game is really energy intense.

    And one feature request.
    When a runner has three starred every race, there should be some celebration or a bonus. It's very underwhelming "finishing" the game and nothing happens.
    Also, I'm pretty sure I've collected every Overworld hidden stars and nothing happened, some bonus would be nice. But more importantly, there is no way to know if you have collected all the stars. I think I've looked in every corner of the game but I can't be sure and keep looking is no fun.

    Kv. Hedinn
  • Hey @hedinne -

    1. God damn that seller! PM which shirt it was.
    2. Yeah, it is at the moment. This will be fixed once we launch globally.
    3. Good point. I'll forward that to the Devs

    And, celebrations would be awesome. I'll forward that to the Devs, too.
  • Hay! I am back in the game! Yay! Have you gone global? Google Play allowed me to leave 5 stars rating, so I'm curious. Only thing I've noticed so far is that I see little blue lines. Everywhere. I tried to catch them in screenshot, but I dont know if I succeeded. Otherwise, I am super excited to start winning some races! Thanks!
  • Hey hey,
    I really like the new tutorial but I really dislike the fact that I can't turn of the sound off until I finish making my runner and the tutorial.

    p.s. never mind the shirt, I go a new runner now.
  • Hey, guys,

    Just to let you know, we had an issue on the Android Beta where you were thrown into playing the Soft Launch release, rather than the Beta. But this was only an issue for about 24 hours.

    If you update the game from the Google Play store, then you should be back into the Beta from where you left off. If you have any questions, send me a message!

    Thanks, all!
    - Jonathan
  • I. Am. Crying. I. Am. Sad. I updated and am now back to my old broken version. I was up to almost 90 stars. I was having fun. Please. Fix it.
  • Another thing ... every now and then when I open the game, all the coins from my last session have disappeared.
    Example: I start playing the game and have 320 coins and and after x minutes I quit the game with maybe 1500 coins and next time I open the game I'm back to 320 coins.
  • @kazzidi - I'm going to send you a PM!

    @hedinne - thanks for the heads up. I'll let the Devs know
  • Heyhey,
    The thing I said earlier about loosing coins from last session, this also affects stars. I had long suspected this but I only confirmed it today.

    Also, I can't update my items. The upgrade button says they are maxed so I cant push it.
  • @hedinne - can you send me a PM and let me know how many stars you previously had?
  • Actually, I've been trying to reproduce the bug and it looks like I wasn't loosing stars but they were just respawning. I managed to collect the same star few times. I went from 122 stars to 128.
    It happened like this: I start the game in some overworld, run and collect coins and travel through few worlds and find the same star. After I did this few times I did a race and next time I opened the game I appeared in another place (because a did the race) and the star wasn't there.
  • I keep getting this daily reward, but it won't let me collect it. Bums me out cuz I'd like to get the 100 gems. It's popped up 5 times now, so I think you owe me 500 gems (?) ;) Anyway, I have to force close the app, and if I haven't hit a "save point", I guess, I lose all progress. I've noticed, I have to run a race, or watch TV, or something like that, or else I will lose my coins and xp I have gained when this pops up and I have to force close again. Are there actually save points in this game?
  • Hey, @kazzidi - Yeah, we had an issue with the Daily Reward. We sent out an update yesterday which should have fixed this problem.

    Your progress should be autosaved, and shouldn't be lost. I'm going to send you a PM!
  • I have a bug aswell:

    I don't know what it's called but the red 24 on the left bottom side of the screen. I never managed to complete any trials in there because either someone else or me dies from mines. If this happens the race never ends - presumably waiting for the last runner to reach the goal.
  • I downloaded the bata and it restarted all my progress I had :(
  • edited April 2016
    To add on to what I said earlier i don't remember all the progress I had I was almost at 100 starts tho
  • It would be nice if you replied
  • Oh no @Sharif ! I'm sure @DEV Jonathan can hook you up with your lost stuff.

    Unfortunately, during beta while balancing we sometimes need to wipe character progress to make stuff fair for everyone. I think we're about to move beta users to the "release" branch, which is a lot more stable where no progress should ever be lost.

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    Hi! I'm really enjoying the beta. As I was unable to start the game since some hours ago (a message appeared for less than a second when I tried to open the app and then was closed). So I checked the link you sent me and I have updated to the new version 1. 5.21555 . Now I have lost my progress, starting from the beginning. Any solution? My character was trionic

    Thanks in advance!!
  • Hi @trionic !

    So you may have missed @DEV Jonathan 's announcement about the Early Access that he posted here:

    Since our Global Launch is getting pretty close, our Beta is now closed and we've moved all of our Beta players over to an Early Access version of the game. Because the Beta and the final released version are running on different servers, you have to lose all your progress, which sucks... BUT! You have some time before the game is launched to rank up and upgrade your Runner before the public gets their hands on the game!

    Also if you send Jonathan an email he'll send you free stuff to say thanks for being part of the Beta army!

    Hope you enjoy playing the new version!

  • Found a bug that's been carried over from the beta build.

    After entering the door for a race, before it starts, my screen will show an overview of the course from end to start moving slowly backwards. I'm not able to get out of this and nothing shows up to let me start the race. I am able to access the fast travel menu up top but even when I travel to another track I get the same problem. Only way to fix it is to close the app.
  • I, too have experienced the issue JamesO explained. I also see a lot of runners who don't have their heads on straight. Occasionally, the videos do not reward Gems right away. However, the gems do get rewarded within 15 minutes or so. I am having "unable to connect" issues, also.
  • @James0 You should actually be able to exit through the map if you just travel to the overworld. I think it is a network bug or something because all the replays disappear. You can only run in levels you've played long enough to race alone in, nice exploit to collect coins and fruit.
  • Hey, all. Thanks for your input! Sorry for my delayed response to these.

    1. The problems just before a race where it doesn't display the UI, that's been fixed and won't happen in the next update
    2. There are some Runners that do have strange heads, and sometimes the jetpack isn't displayed correctly. But, we're fixing that.
    3. Sorry about the delay on receiving Gems, but at least you got them. That would suck not to get them.
    4. The "Unable to Connect" issues are on the player side, unfortunately. This normally happens if you are connected to unstable WiFi or you don't have enough data on your phone.
    5. As more and more people play the game, the more the races will be populated. So, in the near future, you won't be able to race alone.

    I hope that answers some questions!
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