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  • Back to playing ♡Kazz♡ and it seems like I am getting the daily reward quite often
  • @kazzidi you're right! Play rerunners on pc was much easier than on the phone!
  • I bought the speed boost before Sir Greetings appeared in the Kaboom store. Now the guiding beam always points to the Kaboom store but I can't buy anything ther, therefore I can't advance :neutral:
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    You probably tire of hearing from me. A few more issues I have found . 1) I have not seen any noticeable graphic issues on either device, but that is not a strong point for me. However, when got to the wonderful world of swimming through jelly (how fun!) There is quite a bit of graphic disturbances across the bottom. 2) While racing, the shield doesn't always show. Especially when using a shield and magnet combo. 3) Racing has become so fast paced, the "power ups" are not activating quickly enough. Many times I have tapped my shield, jumped, died upon landing, then looked at the shield to see that it had indeed activated.

    I honestly cannot wait to see what the rest of the game has. So far, you guys have thought of so many things to appeal to adult children like myself. Your game makes me smile. I love it!
  • @kazzidi - Never tired of hearing from you! We've got a lot more in store for you soon! Also, thanks for the kind words!
  • @StanThunder - The Devs are looking into this for you!

  • I seemed to have found two beacons. And a shield that has produced water droplets under my eyelids. I suppose it is time to focus on winning races. A few more issues I have found: 1) Delayed vibration upon hard landings. 2) Shield does not protect from being smashed by the dropping spikes? I thought the shield would make you invincible. 3) My S6 Edge+ takes excellent video. I guess it is just the device. I have never uploaded video to youtube. What is your preference? I cannot upload video to the forum. I currently only have general game play video. No real bug related vids.
  • It's splendid to see how far you've travel across our wonderful land, @kazzidi!
    I'm here to help, old sport. Well, maybe...
  • One more minor issue I have seen. In the timberland area, the log lifts were out of sync with the player recordings. They were being lifted by aliens. Or something.
  • Sounds like the plot of an episode of The X-Files!
    I'm here to help, old sport. Well, maybe...
  • Played a little bit in new version, found some minor issues. "prepare to be summoned" screen not very good placed. On my lenovo s850 there is line in right bottom corner. Also "advice rounds" on screenshot bad placed too.
  • @Morrisstop - Thanks for your feedback!!!
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    Sometimes when Sir Greetings or the talking bird speaks in the trial temple, the entire screen dims instead of just the background behind the talking head.
    Also, I've lost the beacon after completing the first temple trial, so i can't unlock the second or third ones.. nor can I continue to another land, or race in any new races. :neutral:
  • Hey, @alternateash - Thanks for letting me know. What device are you using?
  • Should I be freezed after 1st "welcome" race? All I can do it's push "market" or "menu" buttons. BTW at first time I entered after update everything was fine (game updated twice per day, at the morning and at the evening).
  • Hey, @Morrisstop!

    Dang. Have you quit the App and reopened it? Is it still frozen?
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    @Jonathan Dev, restarted game and everything start working just fine! Found interesting thing in nebee temple. I tried to go left and this is what I saw (Oh, this old memories...) . Also then I push "map" button game freezes for a short time.
  • @Morrisstop Thanks for the heads up!
  • I am so sad. I cannot progress at all. I cannot open the side that allows me to collect my medals or upgrade my skills. Therfore I can't win enough stars to get through the first gate. However, I can fast travel past them. But, today, I do not have any fruit or coins appearing in any of the worlds, only the races. I have cleared the data and everything. I think my next attempt will be a full reinstall.
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    Looking at Morrisstop pic, when I press the three arrow things(that he has a timer after) on the top right, they do nothing. I don't even have the 3 straight line menu things.
  • @kazzidi Sorry to hear about this suckage (not sure if "suckage" is a word or not)! I'm sending you a PM to get this sorted!
  • Here are few more:
    1. In the Slippery Slopes world (and the blue ones around it) the graphics don't always match up show they show transparent lines that then disappear after a split second. (photo in the link)
    2. When skills finish upgrading and I finish a race the skill tree appears under the other window. The only way to make it disappear is to select something to upgrade. If I press go the skill tree will still be there and I won't be able to race. If I’m not racing when the upgrade finishes then the skill tree appears and I have to select some thing. I would like the option of selecting noting and closing the skill tree.
    3. The option to turn off the Grim Reaper is missing from my settings menu.
    4. I liked the old “next race” arrow. The new one is way to noticeable.
    5. Sometimes it looks like I haven't unlocked a race even though I already got stars in it.
    6. I almost alway die when I travel from Retrovertigo to Daydream Arena. This has also happend else where.
    7. If I travel using the map and don’t have any hearts, the game will charge me coins but not move my player.
    8. If I travel back to the first overworld, the game will show me all the tutorials (pointing hands) again.

    But the main thing... All the coins and fruits are missing from the overworld.
  • I would also love the ability to delete my runner and make a new one.
  • @hedinne - Thanks for your feedback! A lot of these we have on our radar, so some great spotting!

    Regarding deleting your Runner...if you want to abandon your character and start again, send me a PM and I can take care of this for you!

    - Jonathan
  • then skill finished training, in-game announsment says "You ave upgraded "skill" to " or something like that
  • Yeah...someone was a bit silly writing that!
    I'm here to help, old sport. Well, maybe...
  • Hey mates!

    I was enjoying the game until I found a very very annoyinh bug; my character gets frozen in the middle of the race when I jump and have to escalate a wall(wall-jumping). What happens is that my character stops moving and controls doesnt respond. That ruined a lot of play sesions and I think its an important bug.

    BTW, Im using Android Lollipop on Samsung Grand Neo Plus (I think its like Samsung S5).
  • Hey, Nick G,

    Thanks for your feedback. Can you let me know the name of your Runner?
  • null
    Sure! My character name is Nick . Its a bear-like dude.
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