Android - Beta Bugs

Hey, Android Beta Testes,

Here's the place to drop your grievances or comments.

AND! Plus let us know if you have any suggestions to make the game even better.

- Jonathan


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    Soo, I noticed some artefacts in loading screen, like "missing fragments" , and also it happens in the Nobee temple on the background. Also map is lagging from time to time. I can't fast travel, and need to restart the game to make it work properly.
  • Hey!

    Thanks for letting us know. What device are you using?

    - Jonathan
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    Lenovo s850
    Also I tried to change my runner, in though he will be deleted, but he don't. So there is 2 MrFrostman runners at once.
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    Found another bug. Then I came from Evergreen Hights to Plantopia my control was frozen, and runner start to run from one location to another. That was a lot of loading screens :D
    (tried to start the game, and screenshot happened(fast travel helped) (it was in Plantopia) )
  • Hey,

    Thanks for this. I'll forward this on to the Devs!
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    Hey hey,
    1. Minor bug, in the beginning, when I was choosing my character's clothes. The head and clothes go little bit out of sync.
    2. Shake to report a bug not working.

    And I would love if there was a button to quit the game.
    I using OnePlus 2.
  • Hey, Hedinne,

    I'll pass this on to the Devs. Thanks for letting me know, yo!
  • Here is screenshot of Nobee temple. It happens also in open world, I mentioned it
  • I see the artifacts the loading screen as well - Using Samsung Galaxy s5.
    I found a minor texture bug, the textures are not connecting in one spot in Beginia (the blue line, it is clearer in game).
  • Hey, all!

    Bugs suck, but it's great to see you sending them over!
  • Is it
    alright or not? It's Sun Arena btw
  • Who put that bloody thing there?
    I'm here to help, old sport. Well, maybe...
  • So far, it sounds and looks great on my Sony z3 compact, except for one thing: every cut-scene the image (+ text) appears dithered for a moment, then becomes clear before continuing (see attached screenshot).. but then it works fine again.
  • Hey there!
    Do you think having unlimited diamonds and gold will break the current (Android) Beta version? I can repeatedly click on the N/A for the diamonds (naturally I'll "test" the highest amount button) and then swap the diamonds for gold!
    Makes me wonder why I would want to "purchase" the Starter Pack... Maybe the devs will want to properly fix the Store and reduce my gold/diamond count before others try the same!
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    That you did to me man. Please reduce my money too, I don't like it at all
  • One thing I know will tick quite a few people off is the battery drain. I am playing now on 2 Samsung devices and am seeing significant battery loss as compared to other games I play.
  • Ok found a couple more.. Posting screen grabs: a) Some dithered rectangle on the left side of the screen in one of the background layers. (wont let me post the video). b) after getting a star and the screen going all pretty, after the pretty effects are done, all the overlays are gone.
  • Hey, all!

    @xoAlto - Beta users shouldn't be allowed to purchase the Stater Pack, hence being able to give you the Gems and Coins for free!!! But, the Soft Launch version of the game (and the global version), the Stater Pack is a good purchase, as the Gems and Coins in the store will have to be purchased.

    @Morrisstop - Did you purchase the Starter Pack? Let me know...

  • @kazzidi - That's a great point...and is something we're working on!
  • @alternateash - Thanks for sending this over. I've forwarded it to the Devs.
  • Attention Channel - Thank you all so much for your suggestions, comments and feedback! It means a lot to us!

    As this is a Beta, you'll expect to see bugs and issues. But with your help, the Android Beta is catching up with its iOS counterpart!

    - Jonathan
  • Hey Jon,
    Thanks for the reply! Does that mean - come soft launch - our stars and progress and/or diamonds and gold will be reset? Or will there be a little left behind (extra!) for being Beta testers?
  • Hey, @xoAlto,

    Sadly, yeah, your progress will be reset at Global Launch, but for now, you're good!

    We'll be doing something special for our Beta Testers and those who have helped us.

    Comment on this thread to let us know what you'd like to see:


  • Playing as ♡Kazz♡, I looked at the point standings, and my Kazzidi player had my real name listed.
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    Hmmmm. Unlockable, but I have earned 3 stars already . . .
  • Also, I tried making a video, but it turned out awful. The issue is, whenever I "die" there seems to be a jump in time as the runner is "coming back to life" or flashing. If I immediately start running again and enter dangerous territory before this jump happens, then my runner usually ends up in a bad place and dies again. The time jump is like he disappears for a split second and then reappears slightly ahead of where he disappeared from.
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    I'm here to help, old sport. Well, maybe...
  • @kazzidi - Thanks! I've passed this on to the Devs!
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    The whole recording game play experience in play games is just "1 star". I tried recording a race. Should have been an easy win, instead I died because I had a hard time controlling myself (lol) because the game play was so choppy. The replay isn't nearly as bad as the recording experience. It won't let me attach the video. (On my Galaxy Tab S)

  • I thought I was clever and I found a way around your 180 star gate. I am just that good. However, I cannot get myself out. My timing is not that good. I am thinking more and more that connecting this game to a regular type gaming controller would be most excellent.
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