Strategically Forfeiting Challenges

edited October 2016 in Ideas & Feedback
Hey Devs,

Thanks for the update to the way challenges work when people skip a turn. I think overall it's been very beneficial.

However, there'a a new strategy some people are using (one player specifically has been called out by a number of different runners), where they strategically forfeit challenge matchups with people that could push them down the daily rankings.

For example, Nefarious Player is currently ranked #2 with 80 points, on track to get 120 gems. Nice Player currently ranked lower, with 65 points and is eager to get some gems!

Nice Player clicks the Quick Challenge and they start a challenge with Nefarious Player. After they run, Nice Player starts another challenge, again they match up with Nefarious Player. Nice Player continues to do this and over and over and over they are matched up with Nefarious Player every single time.

Nefarious Player forfeits all the matches, not even bothering with a single run, which holds Nice Player to merely 1 point per challenge matchup.

The challenge day ends with Nefarious Player at 80 points, and Nice Player stuck at 70, unable to get any matchups with players that actually wanted to play.

A large portion of my challenge races are now being taken up by the previously mentioned racer that just never plays, but is constantly ranked highly.

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