New Race Locations!

Hey, Runners!

With the latest update of the game, we brought 21 new locations to race in. In case you were wondering where they are, here's a list:

Mirky Woods:
Green Mountain
Molly Springs

Beginia Station:
Death Express (Can only be found in Explore mode...easter egg time!)

Dream Station:
Slippery Spikes
Under Over
Slippy Bounce

Slippery Slopes:
Slick Slip
Booming Ice
Slippy Chasm

Lucid Mountain:
Fizzy Graves
Statue Steps

Daydream Gardens:
Jelly Springer
Jelly Belly

Jelly Good
Jelly Up
Jello Jump

Gaping Gil
Pressure Falls

Lifty Blades
Rapid Shoot

Even more MADNESS!

- Jonathan

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