Arena Race ranking question

Hi everyone. After a lottt of effort, I've finally reached rank 1. I know this is the last rank, and the chest doesn't unlock until the month is over, but I kind of expected something to happen after the slots are now all filled up, but I don't see anything. Should I just sit and wait now, or am I missing something?

Just want to ask, in case I need to do something like run a last round of races to officially "activate" the cup (but too lazy/exhausted right now to see for myself :tongue: ) Thanks a lot! Loving the game.


  • Hey!

    Thanks for your post!

    The funny thing is, is that we weren't expecting players to get this far! We're planning on doing a lot more for players in the highest of the ranks; we're looking at specific ranking for players who are in rank 1. Also, we'll be shaping up the ranking seasons very soon.

    In the meantime, I'll be sending you a message about a reward.

    - Jonathan
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    @DEV Jonathan Woot woot! I'll get back to you, thanks a lot!
  • Nice one! And, you're welcome!
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