New Early Access Update - Bringing the Good Stuff!

Hey, all!

The latest update for ReRunners Early Access is now out!! And, it's bigger, better, and bloody crazier than ever!

What you should expect to see from this update:

New Dashboard/Map!
Easier to use!
Looks crazy beautiful!

New Hidden Areas!
Explore untouched lands!
Find new, hidden Stars!

Exclusive Arenas to Explore!
Visit unique, exclusively Arenas!
Discover new Arenas as you rank up!

New Arena Race Mechanic!
Win Orbs. Rank up. Compete in the Race for the Word!

What else?

- Improved Bolt Energy System!
- New UI Design!
- Improved ReRunners Times!
- Improved Matchmaking!
- Bug Fixes!

Oh, and you're still playing the game before it's globally launched!

See you in the game!

- Jonathan
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